Paris Sightseeing

The easiest way to visit Paris and its famous city landmarks like the Opera, Champs Elysees, Arch of Triumph, Eiffel tower, Louvre Museum, Notre Dame Cathedral, and more …
Discover all the great things to do and see in Paris with this guide. The romance, the elegance, the beauty – Paris is a dream that you’ll be living during your stay.
  • Paris Sightseeing

Arc de_triomphe paris apartment for short term rental trocadero paris serviced apartment moulin rouge-montmartre apartment short term rental

Departure : 8.30 a.m or 1.30 p.m everyday

    • Prices : ad ults 61€ , children (4-11years) 31€
    • Duration : about 3.30 hours
    • For a private tour maximum 8 persons : 390€

Guided excursion:
the driver-guide will make you discover Paris and it’s historic and most extraordinary buildings, it’s famous avenues and it’s prestigious places:  the Eiffel Tower, the Military School, the Trocadero Square, Notre Dame, the Pantheon, the Latin Quarter, the Conciergerie, the Hotel de Ville, Louvre, the Opera, the Vendome Square, the Concorde Square, the Grand Palais, the Champs-Elysées and the Triumphal arch, Invalids, the Moulin Rouge, Montmartre, the Tertre Square and the Sacred Heart …

Three stops are expected:
– Notre Dame
– the Eiffel Tower
– and Montmartre (visit of the Basilica and the Tertre Square)


  • Paris dinner cruise by night

Paris dinner cruise by night tour : the city of light !

dinner cruise Paris bateau romantic dinner cruise Paris dinner cruise Paris champagne

Departure :  9.15 p.m every evening

    • Dinner* and cruise prices : – Dinner Service Etoile  165€ / Dinner Service Select 195€ /Dinner Service Premier 260€
    • Duration : about 4 hours

* Menu details on request.

You will spend a wonderful time on the Seine admiring the monuments of Paris entirely illuminated : the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Louvres…

During your meal you will be accompanied by a singer as well as three musicians and you will be able to dance.

The well prepared dinner will make you discover the best French traditional dishes that you would not forget. The drinks are included.

There are also different menus including a vegetarian one.

Formal dress is required


  • Castle of Versailles Tour

chateau-de-versailles tour © Cyril Almeras (Photographe) chateau-de-versailles tour

 Photos credit (center) : Photos de Paris,Versailles, la nuit © Cyril Almeras (Photographe)

A full day tour
You will spend a splendid day in Versailles admiring it’s Castle and Gardens

Departure  : 8.30 a.m every Wednesday and Sunday

    • Prices : adults 114€ , children (4-11years) 61€
    • Duration : about 8 hours
    • For a private tour maximum 8 persons : 159€

A whole day to discover, the Castle of Versailles the jewel of French architecture built under the reign of the Sun king, Louis XIV.
The driver-guide speaking your language will tell you the history of this splendid castle. He will guide you through the famous gardens à la Française, towards the Hamlet of the Queen Marie Antoinette and the park of “Petit et Grand Trianon”.
You will freely visit the Apartment of the King, the Gallery of the Mirror, the Bedroom of the queen…

The lunch is included.
The tickets of the Castle, Large Trianon, Large Water and the audio-guide are included in the price.


  • Giverny Tour

Claude Monet
A half day tour. Guided visit. You will spend a splendid day in Giverny.

Departure from your hotel : 1.30 p.m every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. From April 1 to October 31

    • Prices : adults 91€ , children (4-11years) 88€
    • Duration : about 5 hours
    • For a private tour  8 persons are required :590€

The driver-guide will make you discover the house where Claude Monet lived, the father of Impressionism, and the gardens which inspired the famous “Nympheas” and the famous Japanese bridges.

Giverny is a charming village which became famous thanks to the many painters who had chosen this place to settle in.

Free visit including museum of Impressionists. Tickets are included.

  • Loire Valley Castles Tour

Chateau d'Amboise on Loire Valley France Chambord castle Chateau Chenonceau

The Castles of Chambord,  Amboise and Chenonceau tour.

Departure : 7.00 a.m every Tuesday and Saturday

    • Prices : ad ults 196€ , children (4-11years) 136€
    • Duration : about 14 hours
    • For a private tour maximum 8 persons : 1230€

Booking : contact us

The driver-guide will make you discover the Loire Valley, the Great Gardens of France and  three of the most splendid castles of this region

  • The Castle of Chambord “the Chief work of the Renaissance”, the largest castle of Loire.
  • The Castle of Amboise, residence of King de France and François the 1st Amboise is the city where Léonard de Vinci lived as well as died and where his tomb is. A quick visit of the garden of Clos Lucé, residence of Léonard de Vinci.
  • The Castle of Chenonceaux, more known under the name of Castle of the Ladies or Castle-Bridge. Wine tasting of the Loire Valley.

The departure is guaranteed every day starting from 6 people.

Optional : Lunch in a typical french restaurant in option: 35 € per person

Entrance tickets are included


  • Mont Saint Michel Tour

Mont Saint Michel Castle Mont Saint Michel Castle Mont Saint Michel Castle magic

Departure : 7.00 a.m every monday and friday

    • Prices : ad ults 241€ , children (4-11years) 185€
    • Duration : around 14 hours
    • For a private tour maximum 8 persons : 1650€

Booking : contact us

A day to discover with a driver-guide, one of the most wonderful places of the Western world, the abbey of the Mont Saint Michel.
Built on a rock island, it has been one of the most important places of pilgrimage in Europe, since the Middle Ages.
The departure is guaranteed every day starting from 5 people