Visiting Paris

When you are planning a trip to Paris, some of your most pressing questions are likely to be :

When is the best time to go?    What to do and see ?    And where to stay ?

and of course there are thousand things to do whatever your budget. We will resume you here the most important things you need to know. If you browse the net you will find hundred of website explaining you what, where and how to visit Paris. Our main concern is to provide you a good stay.

Let now answer to those questions.

1)  When is the best time to go?

If you’re set to visit Paris for the first time, you may be persuaded that the much-lauded “Paris in the springtime” is the obvious choice– but depending on your budget, tolerance for large crowds, and centres of interest, another time of year may suit you better.

Similarly, if you’ve been to Paris before, you may wonder whether a fall or winter visit will be worthwhile, given rumours of cold, bitter conditions and gloomy locals. The reality, though, is far more nuanced– the winter holiday season in Paris offers plenty of light and celebration, and in the fall, events like the Montmartre Wine Harvest bring the city to life in a memorable way.

As a resident of the city of light, my own take is that every season here has its charms and pitfalls– as anywhere else! Use this guide to help make an informed decision about when to visit Paris. Click on the links below to navigate to detailed guides on each season.

    •  Paris in the Spring :
      • Colourful, poetic spring landscapes
      • Boosted mood among locals
      • Ambling or lazing outdoors for long stretches is again possible
      • Paris’ famed cafes terraces culture is back

      If you’re thinking of booking a trip to Paris in the springtime, you’ll be joining droves of other travellers in search of the idyllic Paris encountered in Hollywood films and iconic photos. Not to worry: on the whole, it does live up to its reputation, but be prepared to share.

    • Paris in Summer :
      • Prime time for festivals and great open-air events, many of them free
      • Visitors virtually have the city to themselves as locals leave on vacation en mass
      • Relaxed, carefree, and warm atmosphere

      In many ways, Paris in the summertime is the least Parisian of times in the city of lights. So many residents have left town for vacations elsewhere, and the influx of visitors turns the city into a perpetual Babel, with foreign languages heard just as frequently as French in metro cars or cafes. The pace slows, and the festivities peak.


    •  Paris in Fall :
      • Paris gets a surge of new energy as locals return to business
      • Festive celebrations and fall foliage

      Autumn may just be my favourite time of year in Paris. There’s this contagious surge of energy as people roll back into town and get back to business, and a wave of exciting exhibits, shows, and new movies fill the events guides. Then there’s that hint of the approaching winter, and walks in the crisp air. It’s a heady mix.


    •  Paris in Winter:

      The winter months in Paris have a bad rap for being gloomy, dark, perpetually rainy and low-key, but with holiday festivities taking the city by storm for a good part of the season, Paris literally lights up more than ever. And if you enjoy indoor activities such as visiting museums and cathedrals or spending a few hours reading peacefully in a traditional Parisian cafe while nursing a good cafe cream or hot chocolat  , a winter stay in Paris may be ideal.

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2) What to do and see ?

Some places in Paris are legendary for a good reason, and merit at least one visit. Find out what those essential sights and attractions are, and get insider tips on how to make the most of your visit.

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3) And where to stay ?

There are many places where to stay. There are lot of hotels and the best way to get the best deal is to look at
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